Skylinx-BoneGrinder (Out Soon On Beatport)

Location: Toronto,Ontario Canada

He began to make music at the age of 15yrs,creating original tunes & remix's under the alias "DJAwakening".
Having over 50 tracks under his belt ,which were released digitally basicly free,for just the joy of making music in the "much very alive" EDM music scene in the GTA Area.

Soon stumbling upon the ever growing Dubstep & DNB scene,taking everything he's learned about production in the past and applying it to now.
He's been busy creating top notch tracks,with heavey basslines,and for that ,he has managed to attracted HUGE support from many of the online dubstep community.

Now that he's ready to hit the shelf's, his first official Dubstep release "Bone Grinder"  will be released on Subbbace Records exclusively to beatport in the coming month.

Skylinx-Bone Grinder (Out Soon on Beatport).July30th
Look out for this name,because youll definitely hear more of him and his music in the near future on many labels to come.

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